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We are not currently accepting applications. Please check back in 2018. If you have any questions, contact Jen Cadieux at 224-1518 x226 or

The Activated Spaces, Pop Up Office Project, a component of the Greater Dayton Downtown Plan, is currently seeking proposals from prospective businesses looking for downtown office space. The ultimate goal of the Activated Spaces Pop Up Office Project is to create a vibrant downtown that serves as a location for people to work, collaborate, and innovate.  We will achieve this goal by activating office space through a collaborative type model. The selected office space is located on the eighth floor of Liberty Tower (120 W. Second St.) and is remodeled in order to host up to three companies in a collaborative environment. Project supporter, Business Furniture, has kindly loaned the majority of the office furniture to outfit the space as well as donated their time for space planning and layout of the Pop Up Office.

Are you interested in leasing office space in downtown Dayton? If so, we want to hear from you.  The lease length will be three to six months. The space will be leased below market value.

Please note all proposals will remain confidential until accepted into the program. Upon acceptance into the program, all Activated Spaces tenants will be featured in publications and marketing materials. By submitting your application, you are not committed to leasing space if accepted.

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leasing details

Pop-up lease terms are three to six months and long term leases are encouraged after the lease terms expire. Lease terms will be negotiated directly with the property owner. Flexibility for the tenant is a priority.

community resources for business planning

There are several resources in the community who are available to assist with writing a business plan or answer any questions you may have before taking your business to the next level. Please utilize them if necessary before turning in your application.


  • Applications for the upcoming round will not be accepted until the early part of 2018.

activated spaces application

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by submitting your application you are not committed to leasing the space if accepted.

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what amenities do you require?
are you available to occupy in October 2017?
are you open to working in a collaborative enviroment?
have you worked in a collaborative enviroment in the past?
how long do you plan to occupy the space?The pop-up project requires leases to be at least 3 months
how long do you plan to occupy your space?
do you plan to locate your business downtown if you are not selected to participate in the Pop Up Office Project?
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who are your target clients, and how do you plan to reach those clients? Please be as specific as possible.more details
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if you are an existing business, what have you learned?
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Please list three ways you plan to successfully sustain your business over the 3 to 6 month pop up period. 

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what's the status of any equipment that would be needed for your office?more details
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please describe the role of each person who will be involved in the business.more details
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do you have the means to cover any out of pocket expenses?pick one!
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Business plans are also appreciated by the review team if available; all documents are kept internal to the Activated Spaces team    

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If you have any questions, please contact Jen Cadieux at 224-1518 x226 or