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At Mitosis we are not a branding firm but, we believe in the power of compelling digital brand experiences that create a cultural impact. Through the use of creative, technology, distribution and production capabilities, we craft those digital experiences to help brands grow.

Mitosis is a full-service digital creative agency. We are comprised of experienced strategists, creatives, technologists, designers, storytellers and innovators. Together we form a passionate collection of people dedicated to creating the most meaningful and effective digital creative execution solutions for progressive brands.

We consistently deliver results for our clients by first gaining a deep understanding of their needs and target market, and then combining data-driven strategy and ideation with the highest levels of execution. Ultimately, we expose gaps in the marketplace and bring our unique flavor of innovation to the consumer and marketing landscape.

"activated spaces provided mitosis the opportunity to grow"

- tyler back, principal director

it all starts with an idea...