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baking is our passion

Coming from a long lineage of chefs, cooking and baking have been a way of life for me. When it came time to plan the grand first birthday bash for our oldest daughter, Sydney Alexandria, my mind immediately went to designing the perfect dessert buffet! Our guests raved about the treats and decor of the sweets buffet so much that we received our first official cupcake order and it only seemed fitting to name the business Alexandria’s Creations. One order quickly multiplied and here we are many confections later with a physical store front bakery; dreams really do come true!

Our bakery has always had a knack for incorporating our own Twist on even the most traditional of treats as well as creating some unique combinations. In 2015, after great consideration of our confections, we decided to change our name to Twist Cupcakery LLC, as we feel it embodies the essence of what it is that we do. We recently opened our bakery located at 25 S. St. Clair Street in Dayton, OH.

Located in lovely Downtown Dayton, Ohio we are here to service the sweet tooth needs of all Daytonians and those in our surrounding communities. We look forward to delighting you and your guests with our confections, we promise you will not regret it!

"it's been an amazing experience, the community is wonderful"

- kate rivers, chief baking officer

it all starts with an idea...